Robotic Revolution

The Robotics Industry will revolutionize life in the next millennium. This incredible video features some of the most outstanding innovations in robotic technology.

See how robots are used to remove toxic waste, clear minfields, and perform medical procedures. Watch robots that explore outer space, descend volcanoes, investigate ocean depths, and fly by themselves. Learn how robots can be controlled over the Internet, programmed by kids, and taught to operate autonomously.

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Video Librarian Magazine

Sure to be quite popular. Recommended."
          -- Randy Pitman, Editor / Publisher

School Library Journal - June 2000

"Robots are part of our lives now and will continue to become more so in the future. The development and use of robots are detailed here. Robotics Revolution probes the use of robots in the military, law enforcement, manufacturing, agriculture, and science...practical aspects of robotics re-examined - welding, bomb disposal, the cleanup of hazardous material, scientific exploration, surgery and farming. The youthful-sounding female narration helps keep this presentation on track. The quick pacing should help keep the interest of younger viewers. It provides an excellent exploration of a field that will increasingly impact on our daily lives.
          -- Michael Brown, MD, Greenbelt Middle School