Main Street Media's Principals are both film production professionals who have dedicated their talents, skills and resources to making the best videos available.

Rob Newell has been a successful motion picture production professional for the last 20 years. After completing his studies at the University of Denver he earned a graduate degree from the London (International) Film School, where he was trained as a Lighting Cameraman (Director of Photography). He then accumulated an enormous amount of filmmaking experience by working tens of thousands of hours on hundreds of commercials, documentaries and feature films.

Rob has produced a theatrical feature film, theatrical short films and several videotape programs. He has also founded a number of prosperous production service companies.

Chris Blakely graduated with Honors from Stanford University with a degree in Film and Broadcasting Communications. He earned a JD degree from USC, where he was President of the Entertainment Law Society. He started his own production company, and produced an award-winning documentary feature film: X, The Unheard Music. Over the next several years he gained thousands of days of production experience on commercials, videos and features.

Chris has produced and/or directed several short films, videos and commercials. He has also served as a Founding Director and later Chairman of the Board of the Surfrider Foundation.