House Construction for Kids

Get ready for a wild ride through the construction of a brand new house! Your guide, Super Hammer (played by magician / illusionist Bob Borgia ) will use his super powers to show you every aspect of house construction, from architects drawing the blueprints to landscapers planting the front lawn. With the visual magic of time-lapse photography, computer aniamtion and special effects, all phases of building a house have been condensed into an exciting, fast-paced adventure everyone will enjoy!

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Winner of a 1995 Parent's Choice Approval Commendation!
"Hearty and warm congratulations on behalf of the board. It is a joy to see work as unique and fine as yours."

          -- Diana Huss Green, Editor-in-Chief

Billboard - December 9, 1995
* Another how-things-work-winner, this title combines live-action footage, nifty time-lapse photography, and computer aniamtion to bring the wonder of construction home to children in a concise, easy-to-understand package. "House Construction" also does a good job of teaching such related terms as architecure, lumberyard, plumbing, roofing, etc."

Video Librarian - Volume 10, Number 4 July-August 1995
* House Construction combines time-lapse photography, computer animation, and a sleight-of-hand host to offer a solid understanding of how houses are built. Highly recommended
. *

          -- Randy Pitman, Editor & Publisher

Booklist 3/1/96 Vol.92 No.13, American Library Association
"House Construction Ages 5-11... Particulary noteworthy is the skillful editing of the house-framing section, glimpsed briefly with each phase and then revealed in detail."

          -- Nancy McCray

School Library Journal - February 1996
"House Construction Videocasette. Color, 28 min. with teacher's guide. This video does an excellant job of showing all phases of home construction... The attached parent and teachers supplement provides additional clarification on building terms used in the video... This will give children new insights into the building process of thier own homes, and construction in general."

Family Times - Feb 15 - Mar 15, 1996
"House Construction by Cool Kid Vids takes the mystery out of building a house... Perfect for kids aged 3-13."