Electric Cars: EVs for the 21st Century

This 20-minute program showcases the current and next generations of electric vehicles. It demonstrates many incredible EVs, including cars, trucks and shuttle buses. Plus, it features an entirely new class of motor vehicle, which was created by the US Federal Government in June of 1998, and designated as the FMVSS Class 500 "Low Speed Vehicle."

In a section on History, viewers see rare photographs of electric cars that were manufactured over 100 years ago. Next comes a visit to a custom golf car factory, where we witness the manufacturing process through time-lapse photography.

Bob Spiegel, Mayor of the City of Palm Desert, tells of the successful "Palm Desert Street Legal Golf Cart Program" -- the first program in the United States to allow electric golf cars on the street. We learn how programs like this can help communities to cut down on pollution, noise and traffic congestion. And there is unique coverage of Palm Desert's 35th Annual Golf Cart Parade.

Then EV drivers provide testimonials about their vehicles. Ford Motor Company's TH!NK Division demonstrates two as-yet unreleased models: the TH!NK Neighbor and TH!NK City. And finally, at the end of the video, EV drivers encourage the viewers to learn more about the Electric Vehicle industry - an industry that will go on to make many valuable contributions to the quality of life in the new millennium.

The purpose of this program is: to encourage people to think about clean energy; to introduce them to zero-pollution personal transportation technologies; to excite them about several fascinating careers; to induce them to think creatively about how to improve life on our planet.

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